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Chromecasting from Laptop to TV

Connecting to TV or other devices
Chromecasting from Laptop to TV


How to Chromecast MeraGana from your computer to your TV

A. You will need
1. Chromecast Dongle
2. The Chrome Browser for your operating system
3. The Google Cast extension for the Chrome Browser
4. The Chrome cast setup program for your operating system.


Please note:
The Chrome cast dongle does not seem to remember the setting of more than 1 wifi network. So please reset it by pressing the button the dongle in case you are changing networks.

B. Steps
1. Plug in the Chromecast Dongle into a HDMI input slot in your TV.
2. Plug in the USB to give power to your Chromecast Dongle and connect the wire to the Chromecast Dongle.
3. Start the Chromecast setup program and connect to the Chromecast Dongle through the your Wifi.
4. Start your Chrome Browser and install the Google Cast Extension
5. After installing the Google Cast Extension you should see the Google Cast icon on the top right hand side as shown in the image below:

6. Clicking on the icon you will see your device



7. Click on "Cast to" and Choose your desired option of casting.



C. How to Chrome Cast the MeraGana player to your TV from your Laptop.
1. Start your Chrome browser  and open a new TAB or Window in the Chrome browser and sign into
2. Play any song
3. The player will open in another TAB or Window. Right click (on the spot shown below) on the top bar of the player (see example below) and a popup will show (see 4 below).




4. Click on Show as Tab as shown below



5. You will then see the tab and on the right hand corner you will see the icon for the casting (see below).




6. Clicking on the icon you will see the popup below:




7. Click on Chromecast 


8. And MeraGana will be shown on the TV.


9. Click on Stop casting to stop.


10. Note that you need not close the player's window and can go back to the window with the MeraGana website  and play songs from that window and the songs will continue to be shown on the TV.