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Flash Player / Plugin

Flash Player / Plugin
To Install/Update Flash


Adobe released version of Flash Player 23 and AIR 23 for windows on November 8, 2016 which caused problems for the MeraGana player also. Now Adobe has released a new version (Flash Player 24 and AIR 24) on December 13, 2016.


After release of Flash Player 23 and AIR 23 some users suddenly started facing issues with the Meragana Player (with Tempo and Pitch).


MeraGana Player is totally compatible with Flash 23.


But, still if you are facing an issue with the MeraGana player. Please try some of the few suggestions:-


To know the exact version of Flash on your computer, please click on the link below:

Under "Flash Player information" you can find the version of your current Flash version.

Follow the instructions given on the above URL and get the latest version of Flash or try by un-installing and installing flash version.



If still you are facing issue try installing previous version of Flash from below URL.



Few more helpful links

#1 How to remove Flash on your computer -


#2 If still you are using older version and has just updated your Flash version, please clear history of your browser and restart your computer to take effect.


#3 Archived Flash Player versions - 


#4 Information regarding all flash players and browsers - 




Unlike other internet browsers, Google Chrome has it's own built-in Flash player, called Pepper-Flash.


This Flash player however is not updated as often as the stand-alone version and is often the cause of many display issues in the game. It is recommended that it be disabled and the standard flash player used instead.


Below are the steps you need to do to carry this out:?

1. In chrome, open a new tab

2. in the address bar, type the following, chrome://plugins

3. This will open a page listing all the plugins, the Flash player will normally be at the top of the list

4. Click the + details button on the top, right hand corner (if required)

5. This will show details of the flash player plugins, there are normally 2 (but in some older versions there may be 3)

6. Identify the Pepper-Flash one, by looking at the file location which will contain the word chrome and should end with PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll

7. Click the blue disable link, and the plugin should become greyed-out.

8. The other plugin should have a file location that contains Macromed\Flash\, ensure this is enabled.

9. If there is another plugin for flash that has a file location including the word chrome, disable this also

The image below should help you identify these steps easier

Chrome pepflashplayer.dll