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Karaoke Player

Karaoke Player
How can I change the tempo and pitch (scale or key) of the Song?

In order to change the tempo and pitch (scale or key) of the song being played you have to change your default Karaoke player to the player which can change the tempo and pitch (scale or key). Please login and then go to Manage Account and select "MeraGana Karaoke Player WITH Pitch/Scale and Tempo adjustment" as your default player as shown below. 

Meragana Default Player

Can I access the songs instantly after paying the subscription fee?

Yes, you can access the songs instantly, provided your subscription fee has been processed and approved by us and your account has been activated.

Can I download any of the tracks on

No, you may not download a track if you are using our main website online. You can, however, download a track if you are using our MeraGana Offline Karaoke Player.

Can I record any of the tracks on

Yes, you may record while a track is being played using our audio software, which has stereo mix as an input.

Can I listen to a song both with guide and without guide?

On our system, we have two types of audio tracks. Here, “guide” means a music instrument (like a piano or harmonium etc.) playing the words of the song as an accompaniment. You can select between "audio with guide (cue)" and "audio without guide (no cue)." The “audio with guide” option is present for practice while the “audio without guide” option is recommended for experienced singers.

Is there any software that I need to download before I can play the tracks on

No, you do not need to download any special software in order to use our services. You only require any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone or iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch) which has Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS etc., compatible with Macromedia Flash version 8 or higher or any browser which supports HTML5.

Can I use my username on more than one system at the same time?

No, you cannot use your username to sign-in to more than one system (or device) at the same time.